Poland On Its 150 Anniversary Celebrated By Altamura

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Union City, October 8, 2017…………. Winners of the 15th edition of the world renowned Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition, will sing for Poland’s 150th Anniversary.
This year, according to tradition, the Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition, 2017 is under the auspices of the Consul General of Italy in New York, Minister Francesco Genuardi.

The competition auditions and Finals’ Concert And Awards will take place in New York City, at the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church Concert Hall, on October 28, at 4 pm. The audience will have a chance to vote for their favorite artist. The young artists will compete for $30,000.00 Sponsors include, The Agnes Varis Trust and the Altamura & Crossin Law Offices.
Many competition candidates are arriving from as far as China, Africa, South America and Russia, Finland, Finland and Italy. Past winners have performed in major opera houses such as the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, Chicago Lyric, and the Bolshoi, to mention a few.
This year’s prestigious jury includes, Roger Malouf from the Metropolitan Opera, Opera agents, Luis Ehlers from Lombardo Associates, Mathew Laifer, Lukas Goik, Director of Poland’s Opera Slaska Bytem, Poland.
The Company founders, Leonard and Carmela Altamura, say in grateful terms, that our winners have been invited for the third time by the magnanimous cultural ambassador, Alex Fiszer of the MARCHOLT civic and Polish cultural organization.
In addition to the cash grants, the winners receive, the honorary title and mandate as Ambassadors of Peace. This year’s winners, in fact will perform as such, in Poland’s major cities, including the artistic site, Jewish Temple in Krakow, which was defamed by the Nazis during World War II.
Admission to the Finals $35. Students and Seniors with I.D. $25 For reservations, you may call, ANGELICA, at 201-866 7141. Groups have a 10 % discount.
Donations are most appreciated. Kindly mail donation or any communication to Carmela Altamura, Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc., 4000 Bergenline Avenue, Union City, NJ 07087 201-863-8724
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Congratulations On Your Play

I certainly was very moved and intrigued while watching your play today at Round Top. It was probably the most fitting performance to close your work at your center there. It was really excellent, and an indication of more to come.

Regarding the play — I am glad you added the section about the childhood relation of the young Verdi and Margherita, which was really beautifully done, and the stated shock of the death of Margherita and the children, and the descriptions of the young Verdi seeing the impact from the deaths during the war. This definitely suggested background regarding his personal turmoil. There were probably more changes that have been made, but I had not seen or heard the full play before today. I thought the acting was excellent all the way around, and the characters were really presented fully and exactly as Malouf said: “You really care about these people”. Yourself, Boito, Verdi and Santa were very strong. The music was wonderful, and the use of the chorus was just right, and the shift from comedy suddenly to tragedy was quite uncompromising and severe. As it was meant to be.

I was really surprised by the ending, and wonder how you thought to do this. The entire play shifts completely and irrevocably after the letter is read. And the letter is read very well. There is no going back, everything changes with the letter. And then the scene of Othello is played out, with Santa and Verdi and the character of Othello killing that which was most important to him – a curse, or a failing.

The message is the strength of the Verdi characters, and the tragedies they portray and present. It is interesting to consider what Verdi and Boito say in their discussion of presenting the Shakespeare characters, which they describe as having a character which is not “Italian”. I don’t remember exactly how you put it, but these sections were very quotable – it would be interesting to see the dialogue of the play.

I wondered what was the opera that Boito said they could not reveal …

In any case, congratulations on the determination of your work – you did seem exhausted and devastated as the play continued, and that fit the part powerfully. However, was this just excellent acting here? I am sure you are tired IN FACT, and now can take a 5minute break as you move onto the competition!

– Suzanne Klebe –

La Donna e’ Mobile, Giuseppe Verdi, Wola Wieclawska Country Club, Poland, Enrique Pina Tenor

Maestro David Maiullo at the Piano, krzysztof biernacki, baritone, presenter of the evening. Poland Tour for the World Peace organized by Carmela Altamura, President of the Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc.

Awarded Prestigious Grant for Second Tour of Poland


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Altamura Center Awarded Prestigious Grant for Summer Music Festival and Second Tour of Poland

Union City, New Jersey. January 18 – For the fourth successive year, the Altamura Center for the Arts and its home company, Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc., will receive a grant from the Agnes Varis Charitable Trust. The trust was established to support Varis’ passion for women’s rights, the underprivileged, and the arts, especially opera. Funds will benefit the Altamura Center’s Summer Music Festival as well as help to support winners and finalists of Inter-Cities’ Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition on a forthcoming tour of Poland.

The 2016 Altamura Center Summer Music Festival will present three highly-appealing programs. On the roster will be “Heroes and Heroines” — Verdi’s famous operatic arias; “Mozart’s Women” — arias from operas the composer dedicated to his beloved wife, Costanza; and ”Latin Embrace: Tango, Anyone?” — a solo program of Latin American music performed by Argentine pianist, Rosa Antonelli. John Sigerson will conduct the Inter-Cities Chamber Ensemble. Detailed information about the Summer Festival will be available in the spring.

With help from an earlier Varis Trust grant, Inter-Cities presented young musicians and the first-prize winner of the Altamura Competition in programs that took place in Rome and Naples in the fall of 2015. The second part of that tour included highly successful concerts in Katowice, Bytom, and Krakow, Poland.

Carmela Altamura, founder of Inter-Cities, said, “Polish audiences were simply thrilled at the level of talent we brought to their homeland, and we with theirs. Leaders there have invited us back for a repeat performance, and two cities have been added to the 2016 tour: Chorzow and Zabrze, Poland.”

The Altamura Center and Inter-Cities’ mission is to promote and present the arts in the spirit of bringing together all cultures and nations. Mrs. Altamura said, “It seems nearly-pre-ordained that we would receive a grant from the Agnes Varis Trust because her artistic vision and ours are so closely aligned.” She went on to say, “There is a plaque in New York’s Central Park, dedicated to Varis, reflecting our twin philosophies. On it is a quote from Pericles: “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone, but what is woven into the lives of others. “

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