Summer Institute

“Education is about removing obstructions to light so that the self is enabled to be” – a philosophy Carmela Altamura imparts in every master class.

Experience the transformation of young artists as masters pass down the unwritten traditions of opera to a new generation. This year’s instructor will be founder/soprano, Carmela Altamura.

Opportunity to participate in professionally-reviewed performances.

For information about tuition and scholarships, contact: Carmela Altamura, Founder/Director
Tel: 518 622-0070 or 201 863-8724 E:

Requirements: Two (2) letters of recommendation by professional teachers/coaches
Five (5) arias in original key and language
High resolution photo in 250 dpi (black and white) or 300 dpi (color)

Carmela Altamura is a much-sought-after master teacher. Her master classes, which she has given all over the world, elicit joyful responses. Here are a few of them. 

“Carmela Altamura possesses tremendous artistic and creative energy. I have collaborated with her on numerous occasions and find her to be a truly special teacher.”
Licia Albanese, soprano
Metropolitan Opera

Your method of instruction was spot on and your knowledge of the opera was inspiring. The entire class was very enthusiastic about your master class and wants you back again.
Mary Kay Jeynes, Dean
Marymount Manhattan College

“Carmela Altamura is an unparalleled teacher. Her enthusiasm and dedication sow the seeds of knowledge.”
Hon. Franco Mistretta
Consul General of Italy to the United States

“Everyone who attended said it was the single best learning experience they have had. By any definition, her master class was a triumph.”
Lewis Hardee
Music Director, Wagner College

“Dear Madame Altamura,Thank you again for all your gracious and generous help with my Lucia.  Additionally your comments and guidance concerning the other singers was also very valuable to me.  But most of all your utter willingness and desire to help and inspire me (us) soothes my spirit.  Fondly and motivated anew.
Beverly Butrie

Ms. Altamura’s impressive solo and collaborative master class portfolio answers who, what and where.

Master Classes

With Robert Abramson, professor of Dalroze, The Juilliard School
Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures

With Licia Albanese, soprano, Metropolitan Opera
The Puccini Foundation, New York, New York
Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures, Round Top, New York

With Giovanna Canetti, head coach, Accademia Teatro alla Scala
Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures

With the late Jerome Hines, bass-baritone, Metropolitan Opera
Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures

With Giulietta Simionato, mezzo soprano, La Scala
Accademia Pianistica, Imola, Italy

Individual Presentations-

Academy of Music, Bucharest, Romania
Accademia Pianistica, Imola, Italy
Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures, Summer Institute “Encounters with the Masters,” Round Top, New York
Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Israel
Gibraltar Philharmonic Society, Gibraltar
Marymount Manhattan College, New York, New York
Wagner College, Staten Island, New York

And includes:

Master Class Topics:

  • vocal technique (bel canto)
  • vocal hygiene (emotions and the voice)
  • the art of listening/hearing
  • what is energy?
  • how do I use it?
  • diction for singing
  • interpretation
  • history
  • style
  • phrasing
  • repertoire
  • principles of acoustics
  • acting for singers

What Am I Bringing to the Listener?

  • voice?
  • technique?
  • who am I?
  • who is listening?
  • who is the audience?
  • do you applaud yourself?
  • who is the diva/divo?
  • what is your responsibility?
  • what is your ultimate achievement?

On request, special instruction in:

  • administration
  • programming
  • scheduling
  • placement
  • press
  • marketing


  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French

Experience and training behind the talent.

“Carmela Altamura is a superb instructor in the true bel canto style of singing,” legendary Metropolitan Opera soprano Licia Albanese affirms. Fortunate to have been at the right place at the right time, Carmela Altamura studied at the famed Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan with Ettore Campogilliani, also a master consultant and teacher at La Scala. She later trained with Elvira de Hidalgo, Licia Albanese and Giulietta Simionato, and performed under such well-known conductors as Franco Ferraris and Vincenzo Vitale in Italy, and Umberto Vedovelli, William Hicks and Richard Woitach in the United States.

Listed in Who’s Who of American Women, Carmela Altamura serves as a juror on numerous international voice competitions. She has performed widely as a recitalist in Italy, the Middle East and United States, and has appeared in every major concert hall in New York. In addition, she is the founder and president of the prestigious Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition, USA, held bi-annually in New York and Europe. Past winners of the competition are currently on the rosters of major opera houses, including Teatro a La Scala and the Metropolitan Opera.

Ms. Altamura founded the respected Altamura Academy of Fine Arts in northern New Jersey, and, more recently, the Altamura Center for Arts and Cultures in upstate New York. The Center hosts the “Encounters with the Masters”” program at the Summer Institute and Festival, where major artists groom young singers in the art of performance.

As a student in Milan, the history and tradition of bel canto were passed in a direct line from the masters to her generation of singers. In turn, Ms. Altamura shares this timeless wisdom with young singers today. Her acclaimed master classes marry technique to insight into the inner workings of a singer’s psyche and soul – a combination that has helped and inspired countless musicians.

The traditions that support the talent.

Giuseppina Baldassari Tedeschi, Lucrezia Bori, Arturo Toscanini
Licia Albanese
Carmela Altamura
Umberto Vedovelli
Carmela Altamura
Elvira de Hidalgo
Carmela Altamura
Pietro Mascagni
Giulietta Simionato
Carmela Altamura
Giulio Confalonieri, Joaquin Nin
Carolina Segrera Holden
Carmela Altamura
Ettore Campogalliani
Carmela Altamura
Giovanna Canetti
Carmela Altamura