Who We Help

My Dear Friends, I can say with profound pride and gratitude that we answered the call to raise funds for many deserving young artists last year. We awarded many scholarships to young operatic aspirants, enabling them to attend our Summer Institute “Encounters with the Masters”; program — a vital key that opened doors to opportunity.

200507_Altamura1We also served those in a far away place who are less fortunate than ourselves. Although their wants and needs are few and basic, the forgotten orphans of Romania received the bounty of our largesse because so many of you supported the concert at Catskill Point last September. We were able to deliver, in person, much-needed supplies — beds, a computer, printer, shoes, a sewing machine, patterns, and other necessities — because of your generosity to these children. The smiles on their sweet faces made all of our efforts worthwhile.

Thus, Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc., founded in 1986 for the purpose of improving ethnic, social, professional, and cultural relations in the world, was called to fully express its purpose and mission. We did it joyfully.

As in the past, we hope that you will help to make dreams come true for future deserving artists. One of them, soprano Daniela Vona from Rome, Italy, has been given a second chance at life and a career. She successfully battled brain cancer this past year. Miraculously, the chemotherapy did not damage her vocal chords. She is a marvelous soprano, and we are so grateful and proud to have her back with us as she participates in the Summer Institute. She needs all the help and support that we can give her.

There are others, too, who cannot afford to pay full tuition, travel expenses, room and board. We don’t want to turn deserving talents away. With faith and determination we move forward, confident that you will continue to help us extend a hand.

May your giving be richly reciprocated by God’s blessings. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you this summer.