We express grateful appreciation and gratitude to the Altamura Arts Supporters and Volunteers whose generous donations of talent, time, expertise and encouragement are invaluable and central to our survival and success. Thank you.

Dolores (Dee) Ellsworth was employed by the Kingston City School District for 40 years; teaching various elementary grades for 20 years, and a succession of administrative assignments including: early childhood and special education coordinator, vice principal, principal. Dee was chairperson for the committee on preschool special education and helped in the implementation of a NY State grant-funded pre-kindergarten program, the first in Ulster County. She is enjoying her retirement, especially her newly discovered interest in Italian opera, which has been mentored by her good friend and fellow volunteer, Linda Edmundson.

Marie Greco is a retired teacher who was employed by Questar III and worked in the Alternative Learning Program. A Brooklyn native, she has been a resident of Catskill since 1972 and active in local politics, presently serving as a representative from Greene County with the NYS Democratic Committee. She and her husband of 52 years, Emanuel Greco, enjoy their two children; Emanuel, Jr., and a daughter, Regina Greco Stabile, and their families. Marie loves to cook, garden, read and attend cultural and musical performances.

Emanuel Greco retired as General Manager of an automobile dealership. Also born in Brooklyn, Manny worked with friends to renovate an old house in Catskill in which he lived with his family before moving to a remodeled old farmhouse in 1995. He enjoys refinishing furniture and repairing wood relics in his workshop, and also keeps busy mowing, weed wacking, doing crossword puzzles, listening to classical jazz and attending theatre and concerts.

Joe and Mary Pesez Kames are both involved in gardening, hiking, volunteering and helping to improve the Cairo area. They are pleased to support the Altamuras and their lovely Center that brings invaluable opportunities and talent to this region. They love opera and attend the Met and TSL HD performances throughout the season, as well as the NY Philharmonic. Mary is a retired English/ESL teacher and Joe is a retired School Social Worker.

Linda Mascari was brought up with an appreciation and respect for all The Arts: Drama, Music, Painting and Dance. She moved upstate from Staten Island in 1992 and works as a Public Accountant in Kingston.

Neil and Sharon Schoenfeld have been devoted volunteers with the Altamura Center since its establishment at Round Top. They are busy activists on behalf of their home communities and have worked during the summers with the local Chamber of Commerce, doing historic and green space preservation and conservation, and making similar contributions during the winter months in the Florida Keys. Prior to coming to Greene County, the Schoenfelds served on the Board of the Audubon Society in Westchester County, NY. They enjoy being involved!

Lynda Schwab-Edmundson is a self-described “Brooklyn born country girl” who arrived in the Hudson Valley in 1969 and never again put shoes on, except to go to the Met Opera until her three children came along. She completed degrees at SUNY New Paltz and began to teach after 1982. Raised with Verdi, Puccini and Donizetti playing 24/7, opera and singing has always been part of her life. She was delighted to find Carmela and the Altamura Center and enjoys helping to broadcast and promote its fine work.

Marie Trotta’s career has been in education and private industry as an Administrative Assistant. Living in the Mid-Hudson area has allowed her to enjoy the many cultural events in the area. Her discovery of the Altamura Center in Round Top, NY, has resulted in a delightful six year involvement enjoying amazing operatic music and professional talent up close and personal, and has “fulfilled my dreams.”

Fran Wolf is a retired labor relations consultant and former teacher who recently started her own Management and Labor Consulting LLC. Her arts background includes having played violin through her first year of college and many different choral experiences throughout the years. She credits her love of piano music and orchestral performances to my mother, a gifted pianist.

We also express sincere appreciation to these and others who help to make our programs possible:

  • Adele Bernardi
  • Lois Binetsky
  • Norma Bodrati
  • Warren Boroson
  • Elizabeth Brinkerhoff
  • Ulla Darni
  • Lawry Swidler
  • Marianne David
  • JoEllen Donelly-Hooper
  • Adele Glemann
  • Daniela Marino Goldberg
  • Nancy Henry
  • John Maggiola
  • Lola Migliaccio
  • Irene Miller
  • Roseann Plank
  • Nick and Elba Potesta
  • Eleanor & Richard Siegel-Septon
  • Dr. Elena Suditu
  • Maryla Willings