Pauline’s Letters

Dear Carmela (2015)


Pauline van der Roest

How are you?
Life has turned back to normal here. Work, family, household and study have been my life since I returned from NY.
I had a wonderful time is NY. A full filling feeling after great lessons with you.

I had my performance of ‘Mon Coeur’yesterday afternoon and I dare to believe it was a great success. I was super happy with the way I sang. I was a bit nervous, but I managed to keep it all together. First time with this piece without the score.
The audience simply LOVED it! I am overwhelmed with only positive commends and I apparently made people cry. And I do want to believe it was because I touched there hearts and not because I ‘hurt them’. 🙂

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for teaching me to discover my own voice! It feels wonderful and people mentioned they could listen to my singing voice all day.
Even one commend from my very experienced and wonderful accompanist Evelyn Greenberg was that the audience felt like they were ‘at the Met’. 🙂 and that you could hear a pin drop.

So, I am sure there is still lots to learn and things can get better, but I am very happy with where I am now. I feel I have arrived at a point where I can entertain people with beauty and warmth.

I will talk to you soon.

Dear Carmela (2014)

Thank you for your e-mail.
I truly enjoyed the lessons with you last week.
Luckily we have arrived at another weekend and that will give me some time to listen and work.
At the moments I did find some time to try out my ‘new voice’ it is interesting to feel how you simplify my singing and make it sound so much more natural and better! 🙂

I can sing any time and place on the day and it feels like me. I loved Danielles commend on the voice: It sounds not like you trying to be an opera singer, but you sound like yourself! 🙂

Have a wondeful trip to Italy!
Say hello to Lorenzo.
Look forward to see you soon again.
Thanks for everything and your faith and trust in me!