Street Naming Celebration – ALTAMURA WAY

Where: 4000 Bergenline Ave, Union City, New Jersey 07087
When: Friday, June 28, 2019
Time: 1 PM
Concert and entertainment, 2 pm. RAIN OR SHINE
Refreshments are available

Dear Friends,
You are cordially invited to the above described event. Your presence will greatly honor us.
Reservations are advised. Many are expected to attend. There are just a limited number of chairs, so please come early.
We look forward to seeing you.
Fondest regards,
Leonard and Carmela Altamura

La Donna e’ Mobile, Giuseppe Verdi, Wola Wieclawska Country Club, Poland, Enrique Pina Tenor

Maestro David Maiullo at the Piano, krzysztof biernacki, baritone, presenter of the evening. Poland Tour for the World Peace organized by Carmela Altamura, President of the Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc.



National Historic Landmark

Hackensack, New Jersey
231 Polifly Road, Hackensack, N.J.

Fri, May 6, 2016 6 o’clock pm

Excellence in Performance joins Excellence in Cuisine

The Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition winners,
Thrilling international voices, Violinist, Song and Dance
Benefit for Peace Tour “Reverence for Life” in Poland


Unequaled Excellence!!! A package out of your dreams!!
Memorable gift for Mothers.

August 23, 2015 “Il Matrimonio Segreto”




Dear Center Supporter,

2015 is going to be an EXCITING year here at the Altamura Center.. Our calendar is  already filled with a wonderful and diverse selection of performances…

  • APRIL 26th: Fundraiser for Center at Brandywine Restaurant 2-6
  • MAY 3rd: Mandolins & Celebrated Melodies Alla Napoletana
  • JULY 26th: Spain alla Rossini
  • AUGUST 23rd: “Il Matrimonio Segreto” (The Clandestine Marriage) Fully staged hilarious comedy opera orchestra directed by Francesco Santelli
  • SEPTEMBER 5th: “Lovers & Others” short play by Joe Bologna & Renee Taylor



This year we are offering a  SERIES PACKAGE for those wanting to attend all of the performances and save some money as well.

Each performance is held on a SUNDAY and includes a catered meal provided by local restaurants.

Book the ENTIRE SERIES  ( 4 performances)at one time and receive a 10% discount off the total amount.

If you are group of 10 or more, receive a 10% discount as well for the total amount. (PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LIST ALL NAMES BELOW)

Please place an  “X” next to the performance(s) you would like to attend. .and mail the bottom part back  completely  filled in.

Make your check payable to The Inter Cities Performing Arts Inc. and mail to :

Inter Cities Performing Arts Inc., 4000 Bergenline Avenue, Union City NJ 07087




____ May 3rd          Mandolins & Celebrated Melodies Alla Napoletana

___ June 28th          ALL THAT JAZZ (variety of Jazz performances)

___July 26th           “SPAIN alla ROSSINI “ and “LOVERS & OTHER STRANGERS”

___August 23rd      “IL MATRIMONIO SEGRETO” (The Clandestine Marriage) Comedy

___September 5th       “Lovers & Other Strangers”



NUMBER OF PEOPLE________ PHONE #___________________

EMAIL_______________________________________________ ( for confirmation)


For questions or more information please call  518-622-0070


Masterclass & Country Festival October 28 – November 1 2015, Italy

Carmela Altamura, singing teacher and President of Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition

Casale Di Tormaggiopre

Pomezia Roma
Masterclass & Country Festival October 28 – November 1 2015, Italy


Masterclass & Country Festival October 28 – November 1 2015, Italy


Masterclass & Country Festival October 28 - November 1 2015, Italy

“Working with Carmela Altamura was an amazing experience. Her approach to singing is so natural, and my voice seemed to respond very quickly. It feels and sounds more opened, and the language coaching was an eye-opener.  I will definitely be interested in doing another masterclass with her again.”
Jodi Karem

“I would like to express you my gratefullness for your exciting service to highest traditions of Italian opera. I have got a priceless expirience and developed my professional skills during theese four days more than last four years.”
Svetalana Bedrinets

Casale Di Tormaggiore

Casale di Tormaggiore Villa and Country Suites is a noble estate in the Italian countryside which dates back to the 1600’s. Our luxury villa in Pomezia, Lazio, has recently been restored by its original owners, making it the perfect destination to experience agriturismo . Casale di Tormaggiore is surrounded by pool and gardens and enjoys a truly perfect location just a 15 Casale-Di-Tormaggioreminutetrain ride from Termini station in nearby Rome and a short trip to the roman coast. Our luxury villa is also ideally located near many fascinating local attractions.

The Farmhouse is located amidst perfect scenery for a walk in the surrounding countryside or through the beautiful gardens of the estate.You can enjoy a relaxing drink by the pool during the Summer or a cozy evening in front of a fireplace in Fall or Winter.

If you decide to experience agristurismo in Pomezia, you may also want to explore our local tourist attractions such as; Castelgandolfo, Castelli Romani Outlet, Zoo Marine, Torvaianica, and Castelgandolfo golf course. The Casale di Tormaggiore is an oasis of peace and tranquility and is the perfect destination if you are looking for a villa in Pomezio that offers a feeling of luxury at a very reasonable price. It is also an unforgettable venue for a wedding in a agriturismo near Rome or aspecial honeymoon in Italy.Casale di Tormaggiore is situated between the Park of Castelli Romani and the Latium coast; the mythical land of Aeneas. It’s the perfect base whether you are looking for a long stayaccommodation in Lazio, a self catering holiday with the family or a truly authentic agriturismo experience near Rome. We are a pet friendly resort.

Fundraising Letter January 2015

January 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters of Inter-Cities,

Good health and happiness to you all in the coming year!

2015 is rich with plans and events, and we want to share some of them with you. Two events are very much worth noting: First, on October 25, 2015 in New York City, we are holding the 14th Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition. This segues into the second event – performances in Venice, Rome and southern Poland of Peruvian composer, Alejandro Allauca’s, beautiful Missa Andina with the 2015 Altamura Competition winners as soloists. This magnificent work for piano, organ, choir and vocal soloists, has already been performed in Milan, Spain, Peru and the United States.

Discussions are under way to perform the Missa Andina also at the Vatican.

It is worth noting that Inter-Cities, our company under whose umbrella the Altamura/Caruso Competition takes place, has always steadfastly adhered to our founding principles of social justice and reverence for life. We support deserving, young talented musicians who reflect these values in their careers. Read on, because this has particular significance.

As many of you know, Auschwitz is located near Krakow, and 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of its liberation. On the occasion of Poland’s Independence and the American Veterans’ Day, and with our founding principles firmly in mind, we can think of nothing more appropriate than to perform Maestro Allauca’s Missa Andina there. Our program, “In Remembrance, Never Again,” will be dedicated to the memory of those who perished there so many years ago. We feel humbled to be able to present some of the world’s finest musical talents, joined by our recent competition winners, for this momentous performance.

As always, supporting and launching the careers of deserving young musicians from around the world is costly. We’ve been very fortunate to have been awarded a considerable grant from the Agnes Varis Foundation. But to provide opportunities for young singers while participating in a once-in-a-lifetime event such as this, we need further financial resources to help us cover transportation and housing costs, musicians’ fees, hall rentals, and so much more.

Our European tour is of tremendous importance, affording valuable experience and exposure for our young winners. All those who have signed on to help will receive grateful acknowledgement in our programs. Further, we hope you will gain satisfaction in knowing that, while supporting young deserving talent, we are also imparting the values of tolerance, compassion, dignity, reverence for life – and doing what is right. We can think of no project that more adequately, more powerfully, more beautifully addresses these principles than Maestro Allauca’s Missa Andina.

We hope you will join us in adding your name to those who are contributing to this noble cause and occasion. Know that every dollar you contribute will support deserving young musicians while helping to make the world the place we want it to be.

With our deepest thanks,

Leonard and Carmela Altamura
Inter-Cities Performing Arts, Inc.
4000 Bergenline Avenue
Union City, New Jersey 07087

T: 201-863-8724
E: or